Jord Allen or “Jord” as he goes by while plying his craft seems to have everything going for him at the moment; talent…. lots of that!, a great attitude & positive outlook on life and a love of music so deep it’s worrying for someone with so much youth on their side.

Hailing from Bendigo Victoria, Jord has grown to love the areas that surrounds him, the country, national parks and the spirit of rootsy, bluesy and acoustic music that he has found all around him. Discovered by Anita Donlon founder of the Independent Musos Network while gigging a few local haunts, she knew she was on to a top act noticing that he kept the audience completely mesmerised.

“Get Happy” is Jord’s first EP a 4 track little wonder telling a tale of fun times, home sickness, picking yourself back up again and find answers to all those puzzling and difficult questions life throws at you along the way. It’s the kind of music you want with you on a road trip or sat round a beach fire at night after a full day surfing. It also starts you humming and singing along before you realised what is going on with infectious melodies and lyrics.

Jord has spent last year and this year playing anywhere and everywhere that will let a singer put his hat and guitar on and really bang out a song with all his heart. This has now started the fire and he is all set to tour now as often as possible, writing along the way – and is beginning to live the dream. A solid live performance is what you will get from Jord with over 200 live shows to date he has honed his skills to a level of show- manship that rivals many performers who have been on the circuit for a years.

He is an act that sounds as good as the recording… if not better sometimes.

Working with Blue Pie Jord has a great team behind him Dan Speak, Damien Reilly, Colin Seeger and the crew. We are looking forward to a bright future with this young star.

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